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Please listen to the below music at a moderate level. You can't hear the ambient background noise without turning it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



"lost n space" by wil robinson vs Jesse & the plastic cats  

Now available at Amoeba Records, Email to wilrobinson, & or Jesse's website.



Article in September 2003 issue of   Keyboard Magazine  (you might need to blow it up too read it.)              

   PRESS RELEASE                        

Wil Robinson vs Jesse and the Plastic Cats self-released, debut album came out in April 2003.  WRJPC’s consists of only two musicians, Wil Robinson and Jesse Lee Jacobs. 

The duo wrote, produced and recorded all the music on the multi-layered, Lost n Space. Before the record was even released, a track called “Suzy and the Telepathic Monkey” was

chosen from thousands of submissions nation-wide to appear on the compilation CD, Kid Antrim Music.  In it’s first week the same hit song was played on LA’s KXLU. The sound

has been described as a mix between The Flaming Lips, Brian Eno, Sterolab and Pink Floyd.  Jesse’s vocals run the gamut from melodic (like Jeff Buckley) to dramatic (like a male

Kate Bush).  The music includes Wil  and Jesse on guitar, synthesizer, bass, moog, mandolin and percussion. All  vocals  were written and performed by Jesse. Wil engineered &

treated the tracks to give the music an ambient  sound. Wil Robinson vs Jesse and the Plastic Cats, Lost n Space, is an enhanced CD with extras including a short film, two music

videos, photos and lyrics.



        suzy & the telepathic monkey                                      simon                                             weather & time                                jesse's gif art








For a taste of the rest of the album goto: Jesse's WRJPC website  & Jesse's New Album: Earthbound




                       A taste of Wil Robinson's Solo Stuff



                                      muscled man                                                            Wacky Groove                                                        weird piano (loop version)             





                                   The Aftermath Serenade                                             Palm Rok Koon                                                  Can't you see



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