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What's New :

Hits from the past from that dayton, ohio band:


"lost n space" by wil robinson vs Jesse & the plastic cats 


Jesse's WRJPC


NOW AVAILABLE AT AMOEBA RECORDS & ARON RECORDS in Hollywood. click above icon for a taste.


friends & bars slideshow




Wil Robinson has participated in various mediums through out the years to display  his art and views on life. He's played in several bands in Ohio such as Lost Marble  Collection, Patsy Decline, Curious George, and The Sticking Straight Ups. In San Diego he was in a band called The Drones. He has had air play with the above projects in Cincinnati, Washington DC, & La Jolla. He is currently working on music on his computer having 48 track capability. Gotta love that !!! He is also making short videos with various people in Hollywood, California. And is currently trying desperately to establish a newspaper in Hollywood called " The U86 News" but, unfortunately those involved are usually intoxicated. He will always continue to write and has recently took up photography  incorporating these into all aspects of his creativity.


Wil Robinson's music & affiliated bands and colleagues. Some recent music Wil Robinson has done on his computer. Most of this is experimental as far as structure, and familiarizing himself with the program & the effects. Wil Robinson is current working day and night with Jesse Lee Jacobs to finish a new album. This album should be released by Xmas 2002. Wil Robinson has been look for billboards in the Hollywood area to advertise on.................. The last quote he got was a $100 per day.



Video Shorts that Wil Robinson has made with friends & strange acquaintances in the city of Hollywood, California. This particular page is changing regularly........Wil Robinson is constantly refining his video editing skills and tries to have his latest works available to view.




Words, Lyrics, Thoughts, & Poems by Wil Robinson and friends.



Photos or anything else that didn't fit into the other categories, also made by Wil Robinson and friends.



                          Pam Grier is Foxy Brown !! Gotta love those blackexploitation films.

                                                   Obviously not my photo (Click on me sucker !)

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