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What's New :

Hits from the past from that dayton, ohio band:


"lost n space" by wil robinson vs Jesse & the plastic cats 


Jesse's WRJPC


NOW AVAILABLE AT AMOEBA RECORDS & ARON RECORDS in Hollywood. click above icon for a taste.


friends & bars slideshow




Welcome to the the crazy world of Wil Robinson !!!!!! Home of The U86 News !!!!!

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Our Mission

Is to deliver a secret message whenever possible. Subliminally for that matter. Our motto is "always put off today what you can do tomorrow" and we insist that all our viewers forget about their worries while viewing our website. If you will, please listen to each web page closely and you might hear the secret message. You only live once, so enjoy it ! If we are not capable of making you happy, we will deliver a bottle of 151 and flowers to your house. These items can be used in preparation of your funeral. If that fails, god forbid, we will float a gigantic balloon filled with helium over your house. Then we'll pop it when you least expect it!!!!!!! Boooooooom !! If that doesn't work, we will send an exploding woman or man to your house to seduce you. If that doesn't work, we will eject you into orbit in the direction of Mars, where you can live alone for the rest of your life. If that doesn't work.............................................. Can you hear me now..............uh yeah.......... can you hear me now...............uh well yeah....................can you hear me now...................uh to tell you the truth, no...............??????????????

RECENTLY UPDATED WEBPAGES: Friends & Bar Pics, friends & bars slideshow, Music (Music 2 Slip 2, WRJPC, & LMC), & Video

%*&$# Rob Jirak w/ his Band is a monster in a box & the only member of the u86news that will never to quit: Ill Willed Prophets

Ok. So I had to add a little soft porn. It definitely helps on hits to the site. But, actually I was more impressed with the movements of the .tif file.........what ya' do?

      Mad Dog Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!                   

Click on this link and you can play a Theremin on your desktop. Very cool!!

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Company Profile

We are a dedicated company to the public and we ultimately wish to entertain you. My name is Wil Robinson and this is my world!!!! I will try to stimulate you with whatever i can get my hands on. The sky is the limit in most cases. The Members of The U86 Club and the writers of The U86 News are: Big D, Bojones69, Echo Constable, Judge Fudge, Simon Lee, Dirty Dan, Boxman, and many other encounters. So come inside and see if we have anything to offer you and your mind.



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National Public Radio         Eugene Chadbourne           Ill Willed Prophets                                       KXLU                                                     KFI-640AM


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